The dawn of the dying sun

Full-length, Full Moon Productions

Jan Otto Janto Garmanslund - Vocals, Bass, Keyboard
Jørn Inge Tunsberg - Guitar, Keyboard
Stig Hagenes - Guitar
Remi Andersen - Drums

Recorded in Grieghallen in June and July 1996. Cover design by Hades and Kristi Ravn. The lyrics of "Alone Walkyng" were written by Richard Chaucer in 1572.

Two CD versions exists: the first has disc artwork with a tower, and the second has a plain black disc with white lettering.

Also released on vinyl, limited to 1000 copies. The pressing was defective and there is loud static on several songs.

1. The Dawn of the Dying Sun 03:32
2. Awakening of Kings 06:10
3. Apocalyptic Prophecies (The Sign of Hades) 06:00
4. Alone Walkyng 10:28
5. Crusade of the Underworld Hordes 06:21
6. The Tale of a Nocturnal Empress 06:07
7. The Red Sun Mocks My Sadness 02:39
8. Pagan Prayer 06:16

Re-released by Displeased Records in 2010 with original artwork but updated logo and following bonustracks:
9. For All Those Who Have Died (Bathory cover)
10. Alone Walkyng (Live Bergen 1996)
11. Death In Pleasure - Death In Pain (originally recorded in 2000)